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  1. Dental insurance is designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with dental care. Routine dental checkups can identify symptoms of chronic illness and preventing gum disease can deter serious health conditions.
  1. Vision insurance plans provide the lowest out of pocket costs for eye exams, glasses, and contacts when using network providers. Routine vision exams are important to maintain healthy eyesight.
  1. Plans Available
    - Individual - Family - Group
  1. Plans Available
    - Individual - Family - Group
  1. Plan Types
    - DHMO - PPO - Indemnity
  1. Plan Variables
    Each plan varies in how much they cover - Co-pays - Allowances - Frequencies
  1. Dental Services
    - Preventive & Diagnostic - Basic - Major - Orthodontia
  1. Service & Products Available
    Each plan varies on what they cover - Eye exams - Eye glass lenses - Contact lenses - Frames - Additional enhancements (i.e. scratch-resistant coating)
  1. Notes
    Eye diseases, surgeries, and injuries are covered by health insurance, not vision insurance.