Where friends send friends for Health Insurance.

A single day in the hospital can cost thousands of dollars.  The financial risk you take without health coverage just isn't worth it. 

Not only does health care coverage help you stay healthy, it also gives you added security, because you know you're protected against the high cost of unexpected medical bills.



  1. Offering group benefits is one of the most important decisions employers can make. By offering the right benefits, business owners can help attract, reward, and maintain happy employees.
  1. Not every employer offers health insurance. Individual health insurance is coverage that you can purchase on your own, on an individual or family basis.
  1. Plan Types Available
    - ACA Compliant - Level Funded - Self Funded
  1. Plan Types Available
    - Major Medical - Short Term Medical - Hospital Indemnity - Cancer Policies - Critical Illness
  1. Notes
    Affordable Care Act Compliant Plans – When using network providers all ACA compliant plans pay 100% of the cost of the ACA listed preventative care services.
  1. Employer Responsibilities
    - Elects Plans (may offer more than 1 plan design) - Must pay portion of employees costs - Elects waiting period for eligible employees - Must maintain participation levels - May allow employees to cover their spouses and dependents with all costs paid by the employee through payroll deduction
  1. Notes
    Group Dental, Vision, and Life may be offered on a voluntary basis.