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Original Medicare

Provided by the Federal Government

You don’t get coverage for prescription drugs or routine vision, dental or hearing care.   Depending on your needs, you may want to add on more coverage.   When it comes to extra coverage, you have options. 

  1. Part A
    Helps pay for: - Inpatient hospital stays - Some Skilled Nursing Facility Care - Some Hospice Care
  1. Part B
    Helps pay for: - Visits to the doctor - Outpatient care

Option 1

  1. Medicare Supplement
    - Offered by private companies - Helps pay out-of- pocket costs that are not covered by Medicare A and B


  1. Medicare Part D
    - Offered by private companies - Helps pay for prescription drugs

Option 2

  1. Medicare Advantage /Part C
    - Offered by private companies - Combines Part A and Part B in one plan. - Can include prescription drug coverage - May offer additional benefits not provided by Original Medicare.